What is Fitzpatrick’s Boxing Gym?

 Fitzpatrick’s Boxing Gym is the first of its kind in the UK. Its a professional Boxing gym, which is also open to the public. Men, Women and Children can learn the art of Boxing as well as increasing their self confidence and get fit in the process.

What can Fitzpatrick’s Boxing Gym offer you?

Fitzpatrick’s Boxing Gym is a professional gym, geared for developing and preparing boxers, whether it is for a four round debut or world title fight. This means you’re training in the same environment and possibly alongside world class fighters, with the same equipment, training and knowledge they use. The difference being, you don’t have to take a punch if you don’t want to, sparring is purely optional. Regardless you will develop and increase your self confidence, discipline, and a strong healthy body.

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What training is available to you?

Boxing training – Learn the balance and movement required to move around within a boxing ring.

Learn how and when to use your jab, for distance, to control the pace of a fight and create openings

Learn the correct technique and punching, to break down and take control of your opponent.

Core training – A strong and flexible core is essential to achieve optimum results no matter what sport your taking part in.

Ladies Sessions – Most women might think that a Boxing gym is the last place they want to train. Boxing is far from being just a male sport anymore. I have worked with 3 women world champions, amongst countless others who just wanted to train for the confidence it brings, not to mention a leaner healthier physique. Plenty of people are made to feel welcome and train in the gym and many more women are starting to get involved.


Paddy Fitzpatrick: Head Coach

Paddy Fitzpatrick’s boxing resume reads like a who’s who of the pugilist world. Involved in boxing now for over 25 years, Irishman Fitzpatrick has worked alongside some of the leading fighters and trainers the sport has to offer.

Paddy got a major break in 1997 when fi rst meeting Hall Of Fame trainer Freddie Roach in Jersey (Channel Islands). Roach was training Irishman Steve Collins at the time and Paddy made an immediate impression on the legendary trainer. Paddy was invited back to America to work with Roach at his illustrious Wild Card Gym, and it was the start of a US residency, which saw Paddy learn from some of the world’s best.

Keen to make a go of things Stateside, Paddy spent most of his time in America divided between Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Florida, working in all the best gyms available. Whether it be training, conditioning or providing nutritional advice, Paddy quickly created a reputation within the boxing industry as a man you want on your side.

Over the years Paddy has trained the likes of Laila Ali, Justin Juuko, Kid Diamond, William Guthrie, Michael Grant, Virgil Hill and Lucia Rijker. He has shared many stints working alongside trainers such as Freddie Roach and James ‘Buddy’ McGirt, and has seen and experienced most that goes on inside and outside the boxing ring.

Once back in Britain, Paddy remained one of the most sought-after and astute trainers in the world boxing. Trained  and managed former Commonwealth Gold Medalist Jamie Cox from the Boxing Academy gym in Swindon.

Paddy has gone on to establish a sought after training gym that caters to those wanting fitness, to fight locally, in the AbA and in the semi pro ranks. He currently has Five Proffessionals that he coaches: World title contender St George Groves. The ‘King’ Eamon O’kane. His very own Luke ‘the Duke’ Watkins, Garvey ‘old Skool’ Kelly and many more up and coming Boxing Greats.