paddy the hat fitz

Fitzpatricks Boxing Gym changed my son completely. He had been getting into trouble at school and was drifting alongwith no real goals or ambition.He began at the gym 1 session a week but within a couple of  months was training every night. He became extremely fit, focused and driven. Boxing became his passion.Boxing totally turned his life around. His school work improved and he became a responsible, polite and conscientiousyoung man.Paddy came into my sons life at exactly the right time and i have a lot to thank him for.

”Tracey Costello”


I have had the pleasure of dealing with paddy for the last 6 years. during which time i worked with him on two levels. I took advantage of his personal training, of which he is exceptional. I also leaned heavily on his vast knowledge in the boxing world, using his insights to help me make boxing odds for my company. I would highly recommend paddy without hesitation for any future endeavors.I have found paddy to be a man of impeccable charachter, with a tremendous work effort. do not hesitate to contact with any possible follow ups or questions.

”TONY SINISI” (DIRECTOR OF ODDS) las vegas sports consultant


Im just writing to apologise and thank you all for what you have done for me and the rest of us.

Your all real inspirations, and i’m ashamed and appalled of myself and the way i have treated people. I have taken advantage of you and for that i am really, really sorry. you don’t deserve people taking the mick and i appreciate that, this is why i am writing this.

Only 1 week ago paddy said to all of us, that we should never bow down to any man, and to never think were more important than others, and it made me realise that it’s true. He also said to follow some people in life, people that you think make a difference. I have now realised that i want to follow Paddy and Paul because your better than any celebrity.

so, i hope you forgive me and give me another chance.

”M Eddolls”


Great workout. I can’t wait to come back every time, and i love the smoothy after the punch and lunch.

”Phil Compton”


The best gym, The best atmosphere, and the best workout i’ve ever had.

”Cathy Dolling”


I always leave here Buzzing

”Alison Tucker”


To everyone at the Fitzpatricks Boxing Gym

Just a great big thank you for everything you have done to turn jamies life around. Thanks again


“Kelly Camp & Family”




Hi tash hows everything going? Well im in rehab now and its going alot better than I thought it would, Basically i am writting to say thanks for everything, especially the boxing you have been a real star. Looking back on things i feel boxing has played a massive in my rehabilitation and it means so much. Thank you for everything.

Could you please say thank you to paddy, Jamie, Paul and everyone i ever had contact with. And please say thanks to matt for his help with he funding, i really cant express how much it means. Your one in a million, im going to leave it there for now. When im finished (march-aprill 2011)  Ill come say thank you in person.

Best Wishes & take care